Solidarity and Energy communities, How community energy alleviates energy poverty both Rural and Urban

Throughout Europe local organisations are organising local renewable energy investments, making joint energy supply with district heating. They build local support for renewable energy and help overcoming problems with local protests against renewable energy projects. The transition we need to low emission societies will be quicker and gain more support from local people as citizens, voters and investors with  local energy communities for renewable energy and energy efficiency. 

Energy communities are on the frontlines to deal with this issue: the transition to energy democracy must leave no one behind.

The aim of this session is to explore the role of energy communities in tackling those societal challenges, with particular focus on best practice in Scotland and Denmark.

The event will highlight good examples of communities that has invested in renewable energy, where the benefit is kept and used locally. It will also give an overview of the challenges for sustainable energy communities and how new EU regulation can give sustainable energy communities the chance they deserve.

From the Program:
- Welcome and Framing by Jagoda Munic, Director, FoE Europe.
- Energy poverty on the Islands, Community energy in Scotland. By Lynda Mitchell, CEO, AliEnergy.
- Community energy at scale: Over 60% of Danish heating and the windpower success. By Gunnar Boye Olesen, coordinator INFORSE-Europe.
- Scale and solidarity: how community energy is vital to the transition. By Toni Vidan European Economic and Social Committee, FoE Croatia, board member of INFORSE-Europe.
- Ways to engage consumers and local communities in energy savings and renewable energy actions. By Benedek Jávor, MEP, The Greens. (TBC).
- Scaling up access to decentralised renewable energy for Europe’s island communities. By David Lecoque, Policy & Business Development Manager, Alliance for Rural Electrification.
- Energy Sobriety and how REScoops alleviate energy poverty. By Stanislas de Herbemont, RESCOOP - Federation of European renewable energy cooperatives.


Gunnar Boye Olesen, INFORSE-Europe
Toni Vidan
FoE Croatia, INFORSE-Europe, European Economic and Social Committee