Stability, Security and Automation Towards 100% Renewables – RESERVE, SUCCESS & SOGNO

Stability and security, in particular cyber-security, has grown significantly in importance for energy providers. Long outages caused by grid instability or attacks on power networks can cause great disruption to economic activity and even jeopardise the lives of citizens. Additionally, in our current energy networks, stability is so far typically provided by fossil fuel turbines which will need to be compensated for to reach the goal of 100% renewable energy penetration. These major challenges for the future DSOs are addressed by the projects SUCCESS, RESERVE and SOGNO.

The SUCCESS project develops an overarching approach to threat and countermeasure analysis with special focus on the vulnerabilities introduced by smart meters. A new joint design of energy infrastructure and ICT is proposed, which can also apply to all critical infrastructures.

The RESERVE project develops novel research concepts for voltage and frequency control, and new techniques and solutions based on the 5G mobile technology. They will be implemented through an innovative pan-European real-time simulation infrastructure and validated in a field trial.

The SOGNO project will provide turnkey services simplifying the life of the distribution grid operator by maturing the services implementing next generation data-driven monitoring and control systems, based on 5G ICT.