SUNRISE: solar energy for a circular economy


Towards a large-scale European research and innovation action for solar energy conversion and storage into fuels and chemicals

The project SUNRISE – Solar Energy for a Circular Economy – aims to establish a large-scale research cooperation across Europe to enable the production of alternative fuels and platform chemicals, on a massive scale, using abundant molecules as feedstock (water, carbon dioxide, nitrogen) and sunlight as the sole energy source

This is an enormous scientific and technological challenge that requires a large effort in terms of approach, ideas, resources, solutions, industry-academia cooperation and governmental and society involvement.

Visitors at the SUNRISE stand will have access to a short video and leaflets while people at the stand explain the project objectives. Moreover, a first version of a new application will be presented. The application aims to facilitate scientific information sharing, visitors could contribute to its development answering a short survey about how to improve the application and involvement of different sectors in the project. Those who complete the survey will get a present: a mug with the sunrise logo.