Sustainable energy best practices and challenges - an Overseas Countries and Territories perspective


  • Assess progress since the signature of the Sustainable Energy Roadmap for OCT's;
  • Create more awareness about the opportunities that OCTs represent in terms of enabling environments, and rally the financial support needed to accelerate the renewable energy transition.

Expected outcomes

  • A better understanding of the assets that OCTs represent for the EU in relation to RE, in terms of open laboratories, but also grid stability, energy storage and stand-alone systems, at a time when the EU Member States are starting to realize some of the technological challenges that the EU’s Energy Framework will represent for their infrastructure, as the share of RE is increased.
  • Provide an overview of progress since the signature of the Sustainable Energy Roadmap for OCT's, and agree on next steps to accelerate the renewable energy transition.
  • Build on the partnership between OCTA and IRENA, to get the best value for money from the financial support of those EU Member States that would like to support OCTs in the implementation of their roadmap and the transition to sustainable energy in OCTs


90 minutes session (a round table of 30 mins, followed by a panel discussion of 60 mins)

Round table: Presentation on findings of Quickscans in the OCTs, and how it can be used to assess progress and next steps in the implementation of the Sustainable Energy Roadmap.

Panel discussion: To discuss best practices and challenges faced by the OCTs which are already advanced in the transition, and how their experiences are relevant to what is happening in Europe.