THE4BEES: Energy is consumed by people not buildings- CSI

Our stand represents findings from the EU cooperation project THE4BEES. The arguments we shall put forward are relevant to the origin of the energy saving.
Building retrofitting is indeed very effective for energy saving, but it is very expensive. At the same time, studies demonstrate that up to 20% of energy saving can be reached by changing people's behaviour. For this reason, THE4BEES focuses on the behaviour changes of users.

Changing behaviours requires modifying habits and routines. Therefore, we organise awareness raising activities and co-creation laboratories for students and citizens. On top of that, we develop innovative ICT applications to inform and involve users and to monitor the changes.

The project designed a sensor box using low-cost hardware solutions. The device collects data on different phenomena such as temperature, humidity, lighting, CO2, and VOC. Moreover, the movement sensors and smart plugs have been deployed on the side. What's more, the open source Big Data Platform of The Piedmont Region manages the data collected from the over 800 sensors. 
During the validation phase, we discovered that informed and aware users are more likely to change their energy consumption behaviour. The sensors recorded the positive trend in energy saving and indoor air quality.