Transition to smart and green buildings: how to scale-up and mainstream?

The need to rapidly transform the building sector while also applying more stringent standards and streamlining rapidly changing green technologies, points to a considerable investment mobilisation challenge ahead. The EU is focusing efforts to scale up energy efficiency in buildings as one of the major economic areas where there are huge opportunities for improvements. The EU Climate strategy to 2050 which envisions the full decarbonisation of the European economy by mid-century pays careful attention to buildings.

How can we ensure the speedy transition to Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (NZEB) and scaling-up deep renovations across the highly fragmented building sector?

Are the financing institutions ready for such a change and committed to deploy a finance of a scale? Is the market prepared for such a radical transition? What will be the next practical steps?

The EBRD will be hosting a panel discussion bringing together market players, policy makers, financial institutions and professionals to brainstorm about viable financial models and products which could speed up transition to green buildings.

The session will provide an opportunity for a lively discussion about different market development support mechanisms suited for different sectors and technologies; perspectives from the EU policymakers’ and market players.

The session will also provide insights on what financial institutions can do to scale up efforts and join market players and policy makers in order to deliver on greening the building stock.