Transparency and innovation shaping the Energy Union

Europe’s energy transition involves an unprecedented shift in the way markets, networks, technology and policy interplay with one another.

With new market participants coming up, understanding and highlighting those dynamics is an important part of enabling the energy transition. Robust data is essential in setting out a clear picture and aiding future choices. Especially in context of European 2030 Climate Targets and NECPs, there is a need to provide transparency on energy facts and developments in order to search for better pathways towards decarbonizing Europe.

For this reason in this energy talk ENTSO-E aims to contribute to the transparency debate by providing examples of facts and figures on European energy transition and presenting ENTSO-E’s Transparency Platform together with PowerFacts Europe report, which is used to transparently communicate on emissions, renewables generation, congestion management, prices etc..
These tools aim to provide data and transparently inform citizens about the Energy Transition in Europe and in this way foster the engagement of all consumers and support the implementation of the Internal Electricity Market

Throughout the presentation few poll questions will be asked in order to engage with participants. 


Secretary General