Travel restrictions in Schuman area 22-23 June

A safety zone from the Schuman roundabout to rue Juste Lipse will be closed to traffic and pedestrians from 22 to 23 June. Public transport will also be disrupted. The Charlemagne Building and Residence Palace are still accessible but delegates must avoid the safety zone.

On Thursday 22 June and Friday 23 June, a European Summit of EU heads of state and government will be held in Brussels in the Council of the European Union building in rue de la Loi. A safety zone will be set up around this area, which will be closed off to all non-authorised persons.

The safety zone includes:

  • The Schuman roundabout
  • Rue Froissart, between rue Juste Lipse and the Schuman roundabout
  • Rue de la Loi, between the Schuman roundabout and the Residence Palace
  • Rue Juste Lipse.

Delegates to the 2017 EU Sustainable Energy Week policy conference will still be able to enter the Charlemagne Building and the Residence Palace, as long as they avoid the safety zone.

Public transport will also be disrupted. Schuman metro station will be closed from 12:00 Thursday 22 June until 15:00 Friday 23. The nearest metro station is Maalbeek/Maelbeek, which is just 5-10 minutes’ walk along rue de la Loi/Wetstraat in the direction of Brussels city centre or through the small park behind the Charlemagne Building.

Bus lines 12 and 21 (airport buses) and 22, 36, 60 and 79 will not serve stops at Schuman on both days and all other bus routes passing through the safety zone will be diverted. The nearest stop for buses from the conference to the airport is Maalbeek/Maelbeek in chaussée d’Etterbeek/Etterbeeksesteenweg.

The Schuman railway station will remain open but will only be accessible from chaussée d’Etterbeek/Etterbeeksesteenweg.

More information

Map of the safety zone and surrounding area

More on the safety zone at

More on public transport at (STIB/MIVB - Brussels region transport company) and (de Lijn – Flemish region transport company)


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