Unlocking private financing for energy efficiency investments: gearing up to support the European Green Deal

EUSEW 2020 | Day 2 | Unlocking private financing for energy efficiency investments

At the current pace of investments in energy efficiency, e.g. for building refurbishment, the investment gap to reach a well below 2 degrees scenario cannot be closed. Public money will not be enough to finance the necessary investments. DG ENER and UNEP FI in a long-lasting partnership support the “Energy Efficiency Financial Institutions Group (EEFIG)”, which is uniting more than 200 stakeholders from financial industry, research and policymaking and many others. EEFIG develops strategies and concrete measure to increase the attractiveness of energy efficiency investments for private investors.

The session will focus on means to attract private finance for energy efficiency investments, in order to support long-term EU energy and climate objectives. The session would be co-organised by DG ENERGY and UNEP FI. In the light of the European Green Deal and its Investment Plan, members of the EEFIG would present latest results and planned developments of the working groups, allowing for interaction with the audience.

While the session is not sector-specific, the panel discussion will mainly focus on buildings.

Challenge addressed by the session

How to attract private finance to the necessary investments in energy efficiency?

In order to win financial institutions for the energy transition, how to ensure that they have access to the necessary information and tools and provide planning security?

Concept and focus

  • Purpose:
    Connect the work of the EEFIG and its members to the development of specific measures at EU level, e.g. on sustainable finance and the Green Deal Investment Plan. In addition, inform about the status and activities of the EEFIG working groups; activate stakeholders to get involved.
  • Who will be presenting and why:
    Representatives from DG ENER, UNEP FI, financial institutions and key stakeholders from the EEFIG group will discuss the challenges ahead and how to overcome them.
  • Who is the session targeted for:
    Stakeholders from financial institutions, investors, policy makers at national and regional level, researchers, members of EEFIG


The need for a climate and energy transition – including energy efficiency – has been made a top priority of the new European Commission. The EU Green Deal Investment Plan is now trying to answer the question, how the transition can be financed. The session will inform on the contribution of EEFIG, DG ENERGY and UNEP FI to these instruments and towards supporting the financing of the transition in general.



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