Unveiling the hidden decarbonisation potential of cities through on-site power generation: building integrated PV and heat pumps

Looking at EU-28 energy flow for 2016, it emerges that the residential sector is amongst the highest users of energy with 284,8 Mtoe. Therefore, leveraging on solutions reducing the energy consumption on one side and integrating renewables on the other in the building sector can contribute to the EU decarbonisation objectives. Now, reducing energy consumption means increasing the efficiency of buildings and integrating renewables means increasing on-site generation, which we want it to be renewable. Given that generation and consumption are on-site (or at local level), it follows that the external energy transportation requirements are significantly reduced. This has an impact on the energy distribution network(s). As a result, the summation of on-site measures to the EU building stock has a global significant effect in terms of reduction of greenhouse gas emission. Focusing on these aspects, the session will highlight the integration of renewables, namely building integrated PV and heat pumps providing also examples of projects.


Programme Officer
European Commission Directorate General for Energy Unit C2 - New energy technologies, innovation and clean coal