The value of people power: the case for decentralised solar and demand-side flexibility

Empowering people to participate in energy markets by adopting renewable energy and making their demand flexible is critical to a clean and efficient energy transition. 

The main aim of this event is to better inform energy sector stakeholders including industry, grid operators, regulators, national and EU decision makers on the wide benefits of distributed generation and demand-side flexibility. Citizens need to be integrated in the market in a way that ensures they are fairly rewarded for helping pave the way to a clean, decentralised energy system, that everyone can benefit from.

In recent years, technology that enables distributed generation such as solar PV has rapidly declined in cost, leading to homeowners, businesses, cooperatives and municipalities across Europe to invest in decentralised generation. At the same time, storage, demand response and advanced metering systems offer attractive opportunities not just for consumers to better manage consumption, but also for DSOs to have a cost-efficient and reliable operation of the grid.

To unlock this potential, the regulatory framework must transition from a “centralised base load and large energy providers” mindset, towards a “decentralized and renewable baseload” mindset, grasping the opportunities provided by the uptake of ever cheaper renewable generation, smarter grids and digitalisation services, demand-response, and storage.

By presenting new research and case studies, the event will explore the value of distributed generation and demand-side flexibility. Through an ensuing debate, this event will challenge conventional thinking by regulators and distribution systems around design of remuneration and network charges for prosumers.


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