What innovative business models empower consumers in the energy transition?


Distributed generation energy solutions, including fuel cells and micro-CHP, put consumers at the centre of energy transition. They enable end users to reduce energy consumption, integrate intermittent renewables and significantly decrease CO2 as well as pollutant emissions.

The often high capital costs of these products represent a barrier for most householders or small businesses, despite the significant end-user and system wide benefits.

Collaboration between industry, public authorities, new market players, decision-makers and research institutes will facilitate new business models, which will incentivise consumers to adopt innovative energy technologies.

A promising route to market involves for instance the emergence of market actors that will facilitate market deployment through new business models in early stages of market entry.

Complemented by a supportive policy framework and removal of barriers, innovative business models will accelerate mass market adoption of state of the art energy solutions enabling manufacturers lower product cost through increases in scale.

The Clean Energy for All Europeans Package is a key opportunity to empower consumers to actively participate in the energy transition and to discuss how to promote innovative energy technologies.


The event will focus on:

-   the latest developments in low carbon distributed energy solutions for heat and electricity

-   addressing the specific needs of energy consumers, while empowering them to actively participate in the energy    transition

-    the emerging new business models providing an interface between distributed energy solutions and energy consumers

-    the role of new market actors (e.g. ESCOs, energy cooperatives) in developing innovative business models will be explored

-    how local and national authorities can foster these market trends, creating favourable policy frameworks and leading by example

-    the Clean Energy Package and how it can facilitate such best practices, by removing existing barriers and promoting market innovation