Wind energy: market design with flexibility at its core

Ensuring a cost effective transition towards a fully decarbonized EU power sector will require a set of adequate market rules that ensure every energy technologies can compete on a level playing field, and reward these actors that can provide the power system with the required flexibility.

Last April, an industry group gathering several organisations from different horizons that have a clear stance on Europe’s energy policy (renewables associations, clean tech, storage, manufacturing and gas groups) joined forces to call for EU to remove barriers to development of flexible energy markets and demand response services. This event will be an opportunity to confront it with civil society and policy-makers views.

Key questions to be addressed include:

  • How can the electricity markets provide adequate investment signals?
  • How to address security of supply concerns while solving structural overcapacity situation? How to ensure inflexible and polluting power plants are put offline?
  • What changes in market rules are necessary to ensure that all technologies can deliver flexibility services to the system on a level playing field?